Kick-off meeting

The kick-off meeting of our joint Erasmus + K229 School Exchange Partnership ’’eQuality Schools, eQuality Future“ project was held at Dimitrije Todorović-Kaplar Primary School in Knjaževac, Serbia from 4th to 7th November 2019. The representatives of all partners schools from Serbia, Spain, Italy, England, Croatia and Poland were present.

During the sessions we discussed important issues concerning the project, shared the tasks each partner school will have, voted for the project logo, set the dates and topics of future mobilities and discussed the dissemination plan. The project coordinator, Mr Ismael Reig, explained to the participants the financial details of the project regarding funding, cost management and answered all additional questions.

The hosts of the meeting showed their guests around the school and familiarize them with the educational process and activities their students are involved in. The guests were shown a classroom where children with special needs are taught, the school gym, the eco park etc. They also attended a class on healthy eating with 1st graders, watched a school play performed by 2nd graders and attended a mini science festival presented to them by 3rd graders.

The guest were taken on a guided tour around the town centre and saw the main points of interest of Knjaževac like Dom Kulture, the central square plateau, the memorial park, the bridges on the Timok and the Homeland Museum of Knjaževac. On the second day they were given a warm reception at the Mayor’s Office at the Town Hall and left Serbia with nice impressions.